Who we are (continued)?

Following the announcement  on 2nd July 2012 that the Joint Committee of North West London Primary Care Trusts was consulting on hospital closures across west London, over 250 concerned residents attended a meeting chaired by Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith, and decided to launch this campaign.





Meeting with NHS Managers

On Monday 23rd July I was able to question the two NHS managers leading the hospital closure programme.  Anne Rainsberry is the chief executive and Mark Spencer the medical director of NHS NW London.  Their job is to persuade us that Charing Cross should be reduced to a GP clinic and Hammersmith lose its A&E.

Here are some of the questions and answers and my comments.

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Guardian Letter

We recently had a letter published in response to this letter in the Guardian on 26th July.


Most of the 2 million people in west London who will suffer a downgrading in their hospitals as part of the £1bn savings demanded by the government do understand what is happening, contrary to the claim by Chris Birch (Letters, 26 July). Four hospitals will lose their A&E departments, including Hammersmith and Charing Cross, in my constituency. Charing Cross will close completely save for an "urgent care centre". These centres, which Mr Birch sees as adequate replacements for A&Es, are GP-staffed walk-in clinics. They have neither the facilities nor clinical expertise of A&E departments. North-west London is a prototype for what will happen elsewhere. That is: taking healthcare for millions of people back a generation.
Andy Slaughter MP
Save Hammersmith & Fulham Hospitals