Decision on Hospitals: All 4 A&Es to Close

Rally in Lyric Square Tomorrow 12 noon

Protest at NHS Board Meeting on Tuesday 19th Feb 2013

NHS announces closure of A&E and acute services at four west London hospitals

Charing Cross will close as a major hospital and all four threatened A&E departments will also be shut down, search NW London NHS announced this morning.

The decision to go ahead with the closures almost exactly as proposed last July came as no surprise following the phoney consultation exercise and leak of the plans a week ago.  But the news is still devastating for two million Londoners who will now face a second-class health service unless the plans are overturned by the Secretary of State.

Here are the headline decisions to be rubber-stamped by the NHS next Tuesday:

Charing Cross will be a ‘local hospital’ with no A&E, surgery, Intensive Care or Stroke Unit, no acute medicine and lose 440 of its 500 beds. Only primary (GP) care, treatment and non-hospital services will remain on the site

The majority of the Charing Cross site will be sold off at a profit for development

Hammersmith, Central Middlesex and Ealing Hospitals will lose their A&Es.

Despite this clear announcement Hammersmith & Fulham Council is still peddling the lie that it has ‘saved’ Charing Cross, including spending thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money sending out glossy leaflets to that effect.

Mark Honigsbaum, spokesperson for the Save our Hospitals campaign said:

‘Now we know the truth. Charing Cross will be closed and replaced by a community care clinic with no A&E, no intensive care unit, and no acute stroke services. This is a poor deal that potentially puts residents’ lives at risk. The Council should be ashamed of itself.’

Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith and Secretary of the Save our Hospitals campaign said:

‘This is a sleazy deal between Hammersmith & Fulham Council and local NHS to close both the borough’s A&E departments.  Imperial Healthcare and Hammersmith & Fulham Council should be ashamed they are supporting closures at Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals.  They are putting political and commercial interests above residents’ health.

'There is no extra money promised for Charing Cross and Ealing, only a proposal to look at keeping some non-acute services on the site. These hospitals are closing. To add insult to injury, any "new" money would come from selling the current hospital site for luxury flats.' ‘

Carlo Nero, Chair of the Save our Hospitals campaign, said:

'The formal announcement by NHS NW London today simply confirmed what we've known all along: Charing Cross Hospital will be closed and replaced by an urgent care centre with some walk-in medical services. The world class hospital that we have had on our doorstep for decades will disappear, and instead we will have a glorified clinic.

'Why haven’t local people been consulted on these plans? Why was a similar offer made to Ealing Council rejected as not good enough? The campaign goes on - starting with a Rally, tomorrow Saturday 16th Feb at 12 noon in Lyric Square. Please come along and spread the word - this battle is only just beginning!'

Summary of decisions:

Charing Cross Hospital (CXH) will become a ‘local hospital’ as originally outlined in NHS ‘option A’ last summer.

CXH will lose the following services: A&E, emergency surgery, ICU level 3, Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (which goes to St Mary’s), and elective surgery and medicine.

CXH will have an Urgent Care Centre plus some diagnostic and outpatient services, again as originally proposed.  Mental health, sexual health and the Maggie’s Centre will probably stay on the site.  These are not Imperial Healthcare facilities.

There are plans to investigate two options for retaining additional services at Charing Cross hospital including: management of high risk patients; physiotherapy, occupational therapy and audiology; CT and MRI scanners; a walk in care centre for radiology; lecture theatre and medical teaching

Under the core option the new investment would have been £20 million. Under the alternatives there would be an additional £45 to £73 million. This money would come from the sale of the existing site, which will raise an estimated £124million. This is subject to a further six month review process.

The Government have the power to order an independent review of the closure decision. This must come as a reference from a local authority in the area and Ealing Council have made in clear that they will do this on behalf of all four hospitals now that Hammersmith & Fulham is backing the closure programme.

In the meantime we urge all residents who wish to save our local hospitals to joining the protests in Lyric Square at Noon on Saturday and outside the decision-making meeting at Central Hall, Westminster at 8.30am on Tuesday.


Rally in Support of Local Hospitals

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Benefit Gig Saturday Evening 16th February

SATURDAY 16th February, 7.30pm

Come to the Distiller's Arms, near Charing Cross Hospitals for a great evening of music and comedy in support of Save our Hospitals









Protest at NHS Board Meeting on Tuesday



On Tuesday the NW London NHS has its board meeting which will rubber-stamp the decisions published today.


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