Save Hammersmith & Charing Cross Hospitals Committee Meeting  

6.30pm Tuesday 31 July 2012, Irish Cultural Centre


Andy Slaughter MP, Alan Manley, and Jasmine Pilgren, Bob Sulatycki, Les Aldridge, James Doheny, Pat Boyle, Bill Davidson, Stephanie Thompson, Vivienne Lukey, Alan Aitken, Cllr Hitesh Tailor, Josephine Lundberg, Dr Mansoor Bhatti, Desiree Cranenburgh, Annette Chambers, Becky Jarvis & Robin Priestly.


Carlo Nero, John Grigg, Jonathan Hextall, Mark Honigsbaum, John Dawson, Dr Jenny Vaughan, Shalinie Tewarie, Dede Wilson.

Welcome from the Chair

Andy Slaughter welcomed all those in attendance and introduced the agenda. Andy informed the meeting that he would be seeking to step aside as Chair and that Carlo Nero had offered to take up the role in his place. Andy also welcomed the representatives from 38 Degrees to the meeting.  


1) Elect Committee Officers and Agree Constitution

  • In order to formalise the operations and to set up a specialised bank account for the campaign, it was agreed that a formal constitution was required. 
  • The draft constitution was distributed to all committee members present and was unanimously agreed upon. 
  • It was also agreed that the designated committee positions should be distributed to those with specific expertise in each area. The agreed name and role of the positions are as follows:    Chair – Carlo Nero, Secretary – Andy Slaughter, Treasurer – John Grigg, Communications – Mark Honigsbaum, Events – Jonathan Hextall, Community Links – Jasmine Pilgrem, Clinical Advice – Dr Jenny Vaughan & Dr Mansoor Bhatti, Mobilise Celebrities – Vivienne Lukey, Legal Advice – James Doheny (liaising with 38 Degrees),  Social Media – Alan Aitken, Les Aldridge – TU and hospital staff liaison

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