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  • Tories 'relaxed' about NHS crisis because they think election is won

    By Neil Roberts  From - 27th April 2017

    "The government is 'relaxed' about the crisis in general practice because it thinks Labour can't win the general election, a former GP and health commentator has said.

    Former GP Dr Phil Hammond, who covers health policy for Private Eye, said that ministers were ‘very relaxed’ about the NHS because they believe there is no effective opposition.

    Plans to create large-scale Accountable Care Organisations to run health and social care services across the NHS would eventually lead to all GPs becoming salaried employees, he added.

    Citing a source ‘close to Jeremy Hunt’ Dr Hammond told the annual conference of Londonwide LMCs (Local Medical Committee) on Thursday: ‘They don't believe that Labour is electable. They are very relaxed about the state of the NHS, very relaxed about the queues in casualty, waiting lists going up again, and the disaster in general practice, because they don't believe Labour offers a credible opposition.’

    Dr Hammond said the Conservative government viewed the NHS as ‘a service for poorer people’ and wanted those who can afford it to take out private medical insurance.

    NHS privatisation

    ‘They want private companies to do as much NHS work as possible. And they want the NHS to be allowed to do as much private work as it wants to do. That is their ideology and agenda and they don't believe there is an opposition fighting that.’

    Dr Hammond, who was one of the first journalists to expose the Bristol babies heart scandal in the 1990s, warned GPs that under NHS England drive towards accountable care systems they could all end up in a salaried service.

    The NHS, he said, was ‘keen to move to a model of accountable care organisations where we unify primary, secondary care, social care.’ 

    He added: ‘Ultimately this will make all GPs salaried and working for a large accountable care organisation in a particular area.’

    The Conservative Party did not respond to a request for comment".


    SOH  Comment:

    The vast majority of the electorate know nothing about this. It has not been alerted to the detail of Health and Social Care Act 2012 and Simon Stevens' plans from 2014 for co-called "Sustainability and Transformation Plans". The STPs include American-style "Accountable Care Organisations" - the stress is on the word "accountable" or "cost-controlling". They are part of an entirely new and untried, root-and-branch reorganisation of the NHS which the present Government is bringing in very, very quietly.

    The NHS will be unrecognisable. The National Health Service will disappear and be replaced by many Regional ("footprint"-based) organisations linking local federations of GPs, local acute services and local government authorities. Each "footprint" organisation (ACO) will have a capped budget - no more deficits, no more overspending. Gone over your budget? No more medical service.  The management of the local ACO will devote its energies to finding ways to "deny service". Uninsured and poor Americans know all about this.....

  • The view from the ‘burning platform’ - Medicine Balls, Private Eye Issue 1439 10th March 2017


    Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has the gall to repeat the lie that the NHS is not for sale.

    ACCORDING to Professor Sir Mike Richards, chief inspector of hospitals, the NHS stands on a “burning platform” with 11 percent of trusts rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and 70 percent requiring improvement. Understaffing and overcrowding put patients and staff at risk every day.

    Meanwhile, private providers lead by Virgin Care are busy “conquering the community care space”, says HealthInvestor magazine. “A market worth around £10bn has suddenly become a private affair.” Virgin has already hoovered up more than 400 health, social care and local authority services’ contracts, worth more than £1bn. It’s “quite the portfolio”, according to HealthInvestor, and other companies are lining up to conquer what’s left. “The chance to drink in a £9bn pool is tantalising.”

    There is a clear underfunding and privatising trend in NHS and local authority services. Between April 2013 and April 2016, 45 percent of the community health services that were put out to tender went to non-NHS providers.

  • #OurNHS 4 March 2017 HCT Demo




  • Junior Doctors reject contract offer by 58% to 42% on 68% turnout

    Junior doctors' contract: a cessation of hostilities would help everyone

    Someone has to significantly rethink their position if we are to avoid undermining patient care by letting this saga rumble on.


    Tuesday 5 July 2016

    For the second time in recent history voters in a referendum have been stirred to anger by politicians’ unhelpful, often inflammatory rhetoric and responded with a sharp kick in the shins for the establishment. Except this time the electorate was 54,000 NHS junior doctors in England and their fury was a rejection of Jeremy Hunt’s claims about their long-running dispute with him, not an endorsement of his highly questionable tactics.

  • STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS


    Please sign the 38Degrees petition HERE

    To: Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Simon Stevens, CEO NHS England

    STOP the destruction of our NHS. Call a halt to the Sustainability and Transformation Plans NOW

    Why is this important?

    This is the biggest attack on the NHS you've never heard of.

  • Support Junior Hospital Doctors strike: Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals at 8am on Tuesday 1st December


    Junior Doctors are set to take a first day of industrial action on Tuesday 1st December  providing emergency cover only after a ballot with a 75% turn out and a 98% majority for action. This is unprecedented in the history of the NHS and a marker of the level of anger and concern over the potential imposition of new contracts.


    These contracts threaten patient safety through a combination of longer hours and less pay leading inevitably to exhaustion, discount staff recruitment & retention problems and a higher incidence of medical errors. The government had seemed keen to use this dispute as an opportunity to "act tough"


    Health secretary Jeremy Hunt consistently refused to negotiate with the British Medical Association at the conciliation service ACAS. Finally he has agreed to do so but at present the BMA say the strike is still on. No one should under estimate the difficulty for doctors of voting to take industrial action. They need and deserve our support. Further action is planned for 8th & 16th December.


    SOH Lobby in support of Junior Doctors Tues 1st Dec8 - 10amoutside CX and Hammersmith Hospitals   (assuming industrial action is still on after ACAS talks).




  • Junior hospital doctors protest central London - 17th October 2015


    This was the view looking down on 20,000 protesters - 90% junior doctors - filling Waterloo Place at the south end of Regent Street on Saturday mid-afternoon. It was so packed that you could hardly squeeze between the shoulders of the young men and women, a sea of NHS blue placards held aloft.



    Around twenty SOH campaigners supported the junior doctors' protest on Saturday and we learned a lot from the many thousands of medics marching.

    We heard British Medical Association Chair Dr Malawana explain that government proposals threaten pay cuts of 30% for some, with "normal hours" defined as 7.00 - 22.00 every day but Sunday. We learned thatfollowing Jeremy Hunt's decision to impose a contract  the BMA has voted to ballot its junior members for industrial action.

    We saw what a misleading term "junior doctors" is - the dispute affects all hospital doctors who are not consultants and many medics yesterday were spending a precious Saturday off with their children demonstrating to defend the already limited family time off they have. The chants made it clear this was a dispute about the quality of NHS care as well as pay and hours and the slogans were witty: "NHS - Not Hunt's Slaves" "We're not Witches Stop the Hunt"  "We need to talk about Jeremy".

    Lots of medics and students from Imperial were there and hopefully links are being made that will strengthen the side of all those committed to our local NHS.


  • Monday's strike is a symptom of an NHS in intensive care

    The strike is a symptom of an NHS in intensive care

    Even the Tories admit their reorganisation was disastrous. Frontline staff are paying the price
    NHS strike
    ‘NHS staff anger is as much about the £3bn of public money wasted in the Tories’ chaotic reorganisation as the calculated insult of being denied an asked-for below inflation wage increase.’ Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

    Nurses, midwives and others striking on Monday were making only a token gesture, designed to shock, not harm. But their work to rule will push up NHS debt, meaning expensive agency temps must be hired. Though nurses finally snapped after a five-year pay freeze that has meant a 15% cut, pay is only part of the story: the nursing shortage causes intense pressure. Staff are caring for too many patients but get blamed when they can’t care well enough, despite more nurses hired.

  • Celebrate this victory 7th May 2014: hospital closures clause

    MAY 7TH, 2014 BY 

    Some very, very good news. We did it! The government has accepted our amendment to the hospital closure clause in the House of Lords.

    Without our amendment the hospital closure clause would have given the government new powers to close any hospital in England, even if local doctors were against it.

    The clause was voted for by MPs back in March after the government made some concessions. Their changes didn’t go far enough, but it seemed like the government wouldn’t budge any further.

    The clause was due to be passed today. So the government’s decision to accept – almost word for word – the changes proposed by lawyers funded by 38 Degrees members came right down to the wire – and it was a big surprise.