March 4th 2017 demo

  • The March for the NHS demo on 4th March was certainly well-prepared, noisy and well-attended, but just how many protestors were there? The estimates varied a lot. I was told by a Police Superintendent in Whitehall that the number was "10-15 thousands" which seemed to me on the low side. But other sources, including a BBC news report on line, suggested 250 thousands. So what was it?

    A protestor made a Freedom of Information request to the Metropolitan Police and on 5th April the answer was....."The searches failed to locate any information relevant to your request, therefore, the information you have requested is not held by the MPS [Metropolitan Police Service]".   This is despite an announcement, made twice from the stage erected in Parliament Square, that the number of demonstrators was..... 250 thousands.

    This is not so much "fake news" as "no news".  

    Someone, somewhere wants to bury this demonstration.....


  • The Metro;  the Daily Mail; BBC news on line;  the Guardian;  the Mirror.

    Funnily enough there is no report in the Daily Telegraph, but they have instead decided to cover a story about "fat cats" in the NHS - shame that they haven't noticed the fattest cats of them all, including Dr Tracey Batten who earns £100K more than the ones the Daily Telegraph has collared.

    Video clips by SOH's video journalist and editor:

  • They came from all over the country united in their concern for the present state of the NHS and their fears for its future. Different sources estimate attendance from "tens of thousands" to 250,000.

    Three women dress in white medical suits and hold placards reading 'Slash Trash Privatise', 'Don't be a Silent Witness' and 'Death Closer to Home' near Russel Square today. The protesters are set to be rallied by Bernie Sanders's brother

    From "Save Our Services Cumbria" (Whitehaven Hospital), to "Hands off Huddersfield Royal Infirmary", to "Calderdale 999Call for the NHS" (above), to "Defend our NHS York", to "Bristol Protect our NHS", to "Sussex Defend the NHS", all were protesting about planned or actual A&E, acute units or whole hospitals closures. Health Campaigns Together  and the People's Assembly had done a superb job calling together dozens of NHS campaign groups and organizing the biggest NHS demonstration in central London in decades.