Patients4nhs has published a set of articles about the current and previous reorganisations  of the NHS, covering the latest developments - NHS CEO Simon Stevens' "Five Year Forward View" is the five year plan for the NHS, ushering in the Sustainability and Transformation Plans of the 44 Footprints of England ("Transformation and STPs") being published now (autumn 2016).

And much, much more about the NHS estate, the vested interests who are benefiting from the privatization of the NHS, etc... See home page to start your reading.

Spinwatch: The "Ninja" privatisers you've never heard of....

The NHS is being ripped apart by private health companies aided and abetted by the PR industry: The 'ninja' NHS privatisers you've never heard of... (March 2015) shines a light on one the most active teams: Strategic Projects Team, the architects of, among other projects, the Hitchingbrooke debacle:

...SPT appear not to have spent any time reflecting on the aborted privatisations of Hinchingbrooke and elsewhere, their costs, or consequences. As a speaker from SPT’s law firm and last night’s hosts, Wragge & Co, said: ‘Business doesn’t research things to death’. If it doesn’t work, bin it, move on.

SPT is a big fan of the world of business. It talks of creating a ‘customer-centric’ (not ‘patient-centric’) NHS. They call healthcare a ‘distressed purchase’.

But who are SPT, and who are they answerable to? The Team was originally set up by senior NHS officials in the East of England, a pioneer region when it comes to private sector involvement in the NHS (and coincidentally home to Andrew Lansley’s Cambridge constituency). They provided the 'air cover' for SPT’s controversial operations.

And what are the "Ninja warriors" eyeing up now? In March 2015 a FOI request (repeated several times"!) disgorged a "Commercial in Confidence" list of projects for "Integrated Care for Community Services" and "Reconfiguration of Services" mostly in the east and north of England. They are huge: two tenders for cancer and end-of-life care across Staffordshire for 10 years (announced March 2014) are worth £1.2 billions but the terms of the tender reveal a lack of accountability or redress and are amazingly vague! These projects are now dreamed up by people like Andrew MacPherson - a man with a background in Customer Services at Stena Line and National Express, not burdened with any management training in the National Health Service, yet initiating "change management" (mergers and acquisitions) in all the hospitals groups he has approached?!?!


The practitioners of Public Relations are very effective in promoting their clients' interests AND at keeping their own names and the consultancies for which they work out of the public eye.

"Spinwatch" is the website of Public Interest Investigations, a group of journalists who have been tracking the PR industry since 2005. They describe their work:

Spinwatch investigates the way that the public relations (PR) industry and corporate and government propaganda distort public debate and undermine democracy. The PR and lobbying industry in the UK is the second biggest in the world, worth £7.5 billion. As the go-to organisation for information on this field, we routinely track PR and lobbying firms and corporate front groups, exposing their spin and deception.

Big Up the NHS: "The best reason yet to save the NHS"

The human genome project ( mapped the 3 billion base pairs in a strand of one person's DNA. It started in 1990 and was declared complete in 2003. The cost of analysing a person's genome has come down to currently about £120, and it will come down much further yet. So "personalised" medicine, based on a much more precise understanding of exactly which genes are implied in what medical condition, is just around the corner, probably a few years away. But will it really bring benefits we hope for? The answer is yes, but ONLY if we still have a system of mutual insurance called the NATIONAL  HEALTH  SERVICE  here is the UK.

"Big Up the NHS" is a new website to counter the endless mindless criticism in the press, which plays into politicians' agenda.

"The Best Reason yet to Save the NHS" is a MUST READ article. Please read it. And please, please "Big Up the NHS"



Centre for Health and the Public Interest

The "Centre for Health and the Public Interest"  is a think tank and a registered charity (2013). It receives funding only from independent organisations and individuals. It does not accept funding from any private organisation which has a financial interest in the provision of health and social care services.

This is its first year report.

A comparison of the performance of NHS Scotland and NHS England to 2014 can be found here: "What has devolution meant for the NHS in Scotland and England?"by retired Glasgow GP Dr Matthew Dunnigan.

Fraud - US style: A wake-up call to NHS England to new and growing risks from fraud is discussed in: "The risk of fraud in the new NHS". Full report "Healthcare fraud in the new NHS market - a threat to patient care" (2014)

In January 2017 John Lister published "The Sustainability and Transformation Plans: a critical assessment".

On 21st February 2017 it published an analysis of the legal status and accountability of the STP teams in the context of NHS legislation especially the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and the NHS Act 2006. Chris Newdick is professor of Health Law at the University of Reading. In the present austerity conditions we can expect challenges to "imposed" STPs from bodies outside the NHS.