Press coverage of the Health Campaigns Together demo of 4th March 2017 in central London

The Metro;  the Daily Mail; BBC news on line;  the Guardian;  the Mirror.

Funnily enough there is no report in the Daily Telegraph, but they have instead decided to cover a story about "fat cats" in the NHS - shame that they haven't noticed the fattest cats of them all, including Dr Tracey Batten who earns £100K more than the ones the Daily Telegraph has collared.

Video clips by SOH's video journalist and editor:

Merril Hammer, SOH chair says NHS campaigners must work together... 
"We will win this fight and protect Our NHS" - H&F Council leader, Stephen Cowan 
"STPs will be used to dismantle the NHS" A&E nurse at the Our NHS March 04/03/2017
Jeremy Corbyn MP supporting the NHS at Our NHS March 04/03/2017 
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP at Our NHS March 04/03/2017 
"Let me give you some TRUTH from the front line of the NHS" - Dr Gurj Sandhu 
STPs = Cuts 
"This Government is dismantling and selling off the NHS"
"Our NHS is at breaking point" Dr Jeeves Wij - BMA 
"Freedom from the fear of catastrophic health costs" Our NHS 04/03/2017 - Junior Doctors 
"Reinstatement of the NHS must be supported" Our NHS March 04/03/2017 - Junior Doctors 
"If you don't fight every inch of the way you are finished" Larry Sanders 
Save Our Hospitals Services Devon 
"We will not stay quiet as Jeremy Hunt sells off our Health Services" 
"Conservatives ideological hatred of the NHS and Public services" Dr Tony O' Sullivan, KONP 
" I want to live in a society that provides health care to every single person" 
"The Government is doing nothing to address the NHS crisis" Sam Fairbairn​, ​The​ People's Assembly​
"Join our cause to SAVE the NHS" Dr John Lister at Our NHS March 04/03/2017 
"Migrants lives matter" - Our NHS march 04/03/2017 
"I refuse to be blamed for the mistakes of this Government" Immigrant Health worker at Our NHS March 
"NHS workers have been treated in a disgraceful way"
"Nurses are struggling to put food on the table" Danielle Jade​, Royal College of Nursing 
Our NHS March 04/03/2017