H & F and Ealing leaders at meeting to Save CX - 28th Feb 2018


On a bitterly cold evening about 150 campaigners and supporters came to listen to a panel of speakers at Hammersmith Town Hall.

Hammersmith Council Leader, Stephen Cowan reiterated that the propaganda from Imperial Trust and the NW London Collaboration of CCGs continues to be deeply misleading: the 2012 plan ironically called "Shaping a Healthier Future" has not been withdrawn and it is the core of all later documents, such as the 2016 "Sustainability and Transformation Plan" and the 2017 business plan to downgrade and close Ealing hospital ("Strategic Outline Case 1").  Mr Cowan said that the NHS are playing "fast and loose" with the English language when they pretend that "there never was a plan to close Charing Cross". Replacing the current hospital of 360 beds with a "local hospital" with 40-50 beds (13%) is, as any normal person would agree, the same as closing it.

The Leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell, the co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public, Dr Tony O'Sullivan,  Merril Hammer and Anne Drinkell of "Save Our Hospital" campaign also contributed.

From the floor a new member of the audience asked: "Am I missing something? What happens when they close Charing Cross Hospital? Where will everyone go for A&E?" Una-Jane Winfield, of the "Save Our Hospital" campaign, said: "This is a partial answer: they want you to go on line and self-diagnose". She went on to give an update of the status of the two outstanding Judicial Reviews, the first brought by 999CallfortheNHS about the lack of universal and equitable coverage which STPs and Accountable Care Organisations would usher in and the second by Professors Allyson Pollock and Stephen Hawking against the lack of consultation and the need for primary legislation to bring in Accountable Care Organisations. Both JRs have court dates and are substantially funded.