Festival of Dissent Nov & Dec 2012











It's fair to say that the Festival of Dissent was an an unqualified success. Organized with fantastic support from the Kensington and Chelsea Residents, the Festival of Dissent ran over three consecutive weekends in November and spotlighted the Save Our Hospitals campaign in a unique and colourful fashion. 

The Festival began with a dignified tour of Brompton Cemetery (a more detailed report of this event can be seen below) and culminated in two nights of comedy, music and dance at the O'Neills in Earl's Court and the Distillers Arms in Hammersmith. 

The Save our Hospitals campaign would like to thank everyone who helped to organize these events and to those who came along and took part. The Festival of Dissent not only helped to greatly support and raise awareness of our cause but was also an enjoyable experience, as I am sure all who attended would agree.