McKinsey pays Imperial CEO to visit USA's "integrated care model"

A question after the Public board meeting of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust today revealed that McKinsey, the management consultants, are paying for Dr Tracey Batten, the CEO, to take a one-week trip to Boston and the US east coast starting this Saturday to learn about the US version of "integrated care". This comes as the Trust is on a knife-edge with clinical performance indicators getting worse, e.g. A&E 4 hours-waiting times for October way below the target (80% instead of 95%), and the accounts only balancing once payments for research in the Diamond project (with UCL and Guys & St Thomas) are booked, an outcome which is still in doubt.

Board papers said: "North West London CCG are organising an international integrated care study tour from 29th November to 6th December to the US which will be attended by the CEO. Visits in Boston, New York, Baltimore and Richmond will be to innovative organisations who are renowned for excellent community care, integrated care and partnership models. Invitees to the tour include chief executives from acute and community providers and commissioners in the North West London sector."

The identity of the donor is a scandal.


The trip to the USA has been organised, but not paid for, by McKinsey. The cost of £120,000 is being met by the CCGs of NW London.